Silver spring Hotel

Silver spring

Silver springs hotel is located in the picturesque neighborhood of Hurlingham at Argwings Kodhek and valley road roundabout opposite Nairobi Hospital.. It is 3 km from the City centre, 17 km from JKIA and 3 km from Wilson Airport and adjacent to Department of Defence Headquarters and Daystar University. Silver spring  nairobi moshi shuttle bus. Marangu shuttle nairobi to arusha. Marangu luxury shuttles nairobi kenya Tanzania region, marangu shuttle bus.

The hotel is 3 km from the city centre, 17 km from JKIA, 3 km from Wilson Airport, adjacent to the Department of Defense headquarters, and near Daystar University. All these make it a favorite for business and leisure travelers and the best departure point.

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    Jomo kenyatta international airport to Arusha ,Moshi and Marangu. The town along the route is Namanga.

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  4. Impala shuttle services depart and arrive at Silver springs hotel on valley road
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