Kenya Tanzania Private shuttles

Kenya Tanzania Private shuttles

Kenya Tanzania Private shuttles offers daily private transfers from Kenya to Tanzania and Vice versa via Namanga border. Safety is on the top of everyone’s mind these days and getting into a vehicle that is not your own can be unsettling.  We aim to give our customers the peace of mind they deserve when traveling.  Not only are our vehicles sanitized and disinfected, but our drivers are all professionally trained and screened.  We’re on time, we’re there when you ask us to be, and our fares are affordable.  

We also provide clean, private airport transportation throughout Kenya and Tanzania with the added convenience of curb-side pick-up at the terminal! Book premium private transportation and enjoy the ultimate in luxury and comfort!  Plus enjoy the convenience of door-to-door service with us.

Planning or attending a special event? Book hourly charters for meetings, holiday parties, special events, festivals, concerts, sporting events, weddings and more!

Our Private transportation services have limited contact to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Impala shuttles is adhering to social distancing guidelines.  It’s also important to maintain distance between others, and our essential transportation services enable you to work productively within the safety of a sanitized vehicle.  Additionally, health checks are being conducted on drivers before they transport passengers anywhere in Kenya and Tanzania.

Our private transportation is ideal for medical and healthcare personnel, as well as those in essential services who work long shifts. Rest while you can, while we do the driving.

Kenya Tanzania private shuttles offers road transfers between Nairobi, Namanga, Arusha, Moshi and Marangu. Our company offers shuttle bus services between Nairobi, Arusha, Moshi, Marangu Hotel , private car hire transfers Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta Airport to Arusha airport and kia – Moshi, Nairobi to Arusha is 280km, Nairobi to Moshi is 380km, Nairobi to Marangu is 420km, it about 5hours traveling from Nairobi to Arusha and 6 hours traveling from Nairobi to Moshi. Nairobi – Arusha – Moshi Shuttle Bus Services. Kenya to Tanzania Service. JKA Arrive/Depart. Book shuttle bus Tickets with Nairobi Arusha Moshi Kilimanjaro shuttle bus service Book Shuttle bus tickets online.

Arusha Luxury shuttle bus & coaches offers large range of vehicle starting from wedding cars, bus transport for conferences, Private car hire, self drive saloon cars and many more.

Private shuttle arusha Nairobi bus transfer is one of the best shuttle services, Private luxury shuttle bus transfers Namanga bus Kenya Tanzania, Moshi bus coach van services. Shuttle bus service between Nairobi, Arusha, Moshi, Jomo Kenyatta Airport and Kilimanjaro Marangu pick-up or drop-off is available as a private

Kenya Tanzania Shuttle Buses between Nairobi, Arusha and Moshi from Nairobi Airport or City hotels Shuttle Bus. We also cater for private shuttle transfer. We provides transfers to all major airports in Nairobi and Arusha and moshi, this includes Jomo kenyatta international Airport, Arusha Airport, and Wilson Airport

Nairobi arusha Moshi Shuttle bus transfers Nairobi JKIA Arusha Moshi Marangu luxury private transfers nairobi luxury shuttle bus free picks city hotels. private shuttle bus nairobi arusha moshi nairobi kenya. Impala shuttle bus Nairobi .

We pick our clients from the following Hotels, Impala Hotel, 77Hotel, hotel, Palison hotel, Ymca hotel, Hotel monor, Arusha hotel, Arusha tourist Inn, Annex per night hotel, Aquiline hotel, City link hotel, Meru inn in Arusha , we depart from Kijenge supermarket and also drop at the above mentioned locations. Book with impala shuttles today.

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