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Daily services via Namanga services from Nairobi Hotels ,Nairobi Aiport JKIA or from Namanga Border to Kenya Tanzania.

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Kenya Tanzania private shuttle buses transfer journey on the Nairobi Arusha Moshi Marangu route is about 4 hrs traveling from Nairobi to Arusha and 6 hours traveling from Nairobi to Moshi and 7 hours Nairobi to Marangu.

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Shuttle bus transfers and passenger transport from Nairobi Kenya to Arusha Tanzania daily shuttles to to Kilimanjaro airport town hotels. Best shuttle bus and coaches Nairobi to Arusha and Moshi. Kenya Tanzania buses from Jomo Kenyatta international airport

Nairobi Moshi Kilimanjaro shuttle bus service between Nairobi,  Moshi, Jomo Kenyatta Airport and Kilimanjaro International Airport Shuttles Transfers Services shuttles offer Luxury buses daily tourist passenger transfer transport services to and from Nairobi City Monrovia street, pick Mombasa road, Jomo Kenyatta international airport to Namanga and Marangu Kilimanjaro airport.

Shuttles leave from both Arusha and Nairobi at 08.00 hours and 14.00 hours each day. Though the trip on the Tanzania side of the border is shorter at 110 kilometers, the poorer state of the road makes travel time about the same as the 150 kilometer drive on the Kenya side. Generally it is about two hours on each side of the border.

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